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SSI: Secondary Services

Secondary services are not secondary on our book.! We know that you need parts and components that are ready to install and use, not ready for more process steps to be performed. At SSI, we pride ourselves in being able to not only design and produce parts in house, but also to perform all of the rest of the steps needed to make a finished assembly.
We regularly machine, drill, punch, ultrasonically weld, hardware assemble and even "kit" parts that require it to ensure that the end user has everything needed to use the parts and components right out of the box. This greatly reduces costs to the customer, and also reduces the number of suplliers for your product down to one - Us !
We often have existing products transferred to us from other suppliers to reduce the amount of steps needed to get finished parts. We will form it for you, trim it, assemble it, and package it how you need, when you need it.


43985 Commerce Ave. Hollywood, Maryland 20636




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