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Our Custom Thermoforming Process: How We Help

Our Process | Who We Help and How

Finding the right plastics manufacturing partner isn’t always easy, whether that be due to quantity minimums, lead time, or lack of full-service support. At SSI, we’re all too familiar with those challenges; we know the hurdles our customers face when trying to get quality plastic parts. That’s why we’ve grown our business to make the process easy. Explore below to find out what problems we solve and how we help make your design ideas a reality.

Challenges We Solve

SSI might be the right thermoforming partner for you if you…

  • Have to work against short lead times and need a plastics partner that can handle quick turnarounds
  • Need help with complex manufacturing projects — without being tied to high-quantity volumes
  • Feel frustrated working with multiple vendors to complete a project from design to finish
  • Don’t have complete drawings or specs for the parts you need 
  • Need engineering assistance to help develop your parts or choose the right material
  • Are looking to switch to plastic parts or want to replace an existing metal or fiberglass component
  • Need a small quantity or “prototype” run for a new product
  • Need secondary services such as assembly, hardware, fabrication, etc.

The SSI Difference

We help all kinds of companies with diverse projects and needs. Here’s what sets us apart.

One-Stop Shop: Full Service Support

Working with multiple vendors is frustrating, and coordinating projects can be a nightmare if you work with a supplier who outsources critical tasks like engineering, mold design, and mold making. 

We believe it’s important to keep you in the loop throughout production, so we’re set up to handle everything in-house. From design, molding and tooling, thermoforming and vacuum forming, to quality assurance and secondary services, we take care of everything you need to complete an assembly. Whatever the project, our engineers have the expertise to deliver high-quality, cost-effective results.

No Quantity or Size Minimums

If you only need a prototype part or a small production run, it can be difficult to find manufacturers willing to work at low volume, and you might need to order more than you need. At SSI, no order is too small. While we can work in large quantities, producing thousands of parts if needed, we’re happy to help you with your small-volume orders and one-off parts — while keeping costs reasonable.

Quick Turn-Around Times

Working with a manufacturer often means long turnarounds that stall your project timeline and impact your efficiency. We generate quotes in as little as one week, and our typical turnaround time from quote to completed prototype is typically under three weeks. Exact timing varies depending on project requirements, but we’ll talk early on to set expectations for meeting your needs and deadlines.

Simple Solutions for Complex Needs

Producing 3-D models or exact specifications for the part you need is resource-intensive, especially if you’re not a thermoforming expert. That’s why we work with the information you already have: just bring us the dream, and we’ll make it a reality.

Whether you need a simple tray or complex aerospace component, we can start with you from the design stage and advise on the entire process, from material and hardware selection to designing for reliability and cost savings.

All you need to get started is:

  • An application description
  • Your required quantity
  • Any available part information

Our Process From Quote to Finished Product

Let us know what you need for your part, and we’ll begin the process.

Here’s what happens after you request a quote:

1. Our engineering team helps to fill in any missing information for your product.

2. We develop a quote based on the quantity you need and required tooling.

3. We determine critical part attributes and dimensions to ensure full functionality.

4. Upon quote approval, we design and manufacture the mold and any required fixtures.

5. We create a prototype version of the part for your approval.

6. Production begins. Our fulfillment process includes packaging for safe transit.

7. Upon completion, we track engineering notes and set up a stocking program, if needed.

Start Your Project with Us

Whether it’s a unique design or a complex project, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. 
Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you in just 1 business day!