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The Industries We Serve -Update

The Industries We Serve

Explore some of our most common markets.

Curious to see what we do? Take a look at some of the industries we work with most frequently to get an idea of what we can thermoform for you. SSI can thermoform for just about any industry; as long as you can think up a need for a plastic component, we can help you make it a reality — request a quote for more info!

Recreational Vehicles & Sports

Manufacture your recreational vehicles and sports equipment with high-quality, custom plastic parts designed for adventure and play.

Marine & Boatbuilding

Build boats and marine equipment with plastic elements that can stand up to the elements and fit the finish quality of luxury vessels.

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Medical Devices & Equipment

Design durable, medical-grade plastic parts that meet the demanding standards necessary for healthcare devices and equipment.

Dunnage & Containers

Safely package and transport your finished products with dunnage and containers custom-fit to match your equipment’s dimensions.

Explore Thermoformed Dunnage →

Industrial & Commercial Equipment

Get custom thermoformed parts to complete equipment made for construction, landscaping, manufacturing, and transport.

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Whether it’s a unique design or a complex project, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. 
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