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Medical Thermoforming & Safety Products – Update

Medical Thermoforming & Safety Products

Get custom, medical-grade plastic parts for devices, packaging, and more

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Why Partner with SSI for Medical Thermoforming?

Medical-grade, compliant plastic

Ensure you’re getting the best quality components for your equipment. We work with several suppliers to keep plenty of medically certified, ISO 10993 standard materials on hand, can thermoform with medical-grade polymers, and provide Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation and factory material certification for critical parts.

Diverse offerings, from simple to complex

Request formed, assembled, molded, or punched medical and safety products, from basic designs like trays and panels to complex parts requiring advanced tooling. SSI engineers use pneumatic piston-driven tools to ensure our molds relieve negative and reverse drafts for complicated designs.

Large-scale and high-demand production

Need medical-grade parts urgently? With 3-station rotary thermoforming machines and twin table 5-axis CNC machines, we have the tools and experience to support around-the-clock production.

Custom-designed to meet your needs

Get parts customized exactly to your application. Designing a mobility scooter? We can thermoform panels to fit the exact dimensions of the device, plus create shipping pallets to safely house your equipment. Need a material that can stand up to corrosion? We can help you choose the right plastic grade to fit your specs.

Medical Products We Can Create Include…

Medical Devices & Equipment Parts

  • Protective covers
  • Body panels for mobility devices
  • Arm boards
  • Face shields and contamination guards

Medical Packaging & Containers

  • Equipment pallets
  • Collection tubs
  • Bins
  • Dunnage

Thermoformed Trays

  • Instrument trays
  • Catheter trays
  • Medication feed trays
  • Surgical trays

And More!

This is just a sampling of the plastic components we can create for your medical products. If you’re interested in something else, just ask — we can likely help you get what you need!

Mass-Producing Protective Equipment During COVID

An SSI Medical Thermoforming Use Case

During the pandemic, SSI produced over 1.86 million face shields, becoming a critical supplier to the State of Maryland and frontline healthcare workers across the United States.

Producing equipment at this rate relied on:

  • A new clean room and PPE requirements to ensure sanitary compliance
  • Sourcing plastic from within the United States to circumnavigate supply chain blocks
  • Creating a simple, efficient design to produce effective face shields as quickly as possible

We’re proud to have been a part of the pandemic response, and we continue to look for new ways to aid the medical industry with our skills in rapid manufacturing under pressure.

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