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Design Parameters

Design Parameters

Design is SSI’s strongest area of expertise. We have decades of experience in designing products and tools and have the ability to make them from 3-D models, CAD files, drawings, sample parts, or even from just sketches, description, and dimensions.
We have designed parts from simple HVAC catch trays and manhole inflow prevention inserts to complex marine storage centers and construction machinery bodywork and interior panels. Often OEM’s will use our catalog parts as a reference to design their own parts, or choose one of our existing parts that meets their needs.
SSI continuously designs and builds new and innovative products for the Marine, RV , and other industries. Contact us with your design ideas today and let our engineering staff get you on the fast track to high quality formed plastic parts.

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Whether it’s a unique design or a complex project, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. 
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