Interior & Exterior Parts

SSI creates both interior and exterior parts – large and small – for cranes, lifts, floor sweepers, generators,
compressors, portable equipment and tools, and even fire and rescue equipment.

The advantages of thermoformed plastic parts in these applications include weight savings, no corrosion, the ability to
withstand the rigors of industrial use without damage, and the fact that the part is pre-colored means
that it does not need to be prepped and painted.

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“It’s always nice to know that you can fully rely on a company and pay for an excellent job they do for you. I appreciate your wonderful customer support, thank you!”

John Parker

John Parker


“I would definitely recommend these guys to all of my friends and other potential clients. The service is really good, and my project was completed sooner than promised.”

Gerry Newman

Gerry Newman

New Jersey

“I liked the customer service team. They were professional and eager to help. All the questions were addressed and processed in time, and now I enjoy using the result!”

Janet Green

Janet Green



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